The Night Caching Geocoin – A Perfect Geocaching Gift


I just came across this neat “Night Caching” geocoin and since Christmas is right around the corner I figured this would be a good time to send out a gift recommendation for that Geocacher in your life, or maybe a gift for yourself? =)

I’ve always been a big fan of Geocoins, but not so much the “generic” ones with no theme. ok, I even like them :) But a themed coin, like this one, to me, is much more fun. When someone finds it they know the goal isn’t to just move it from cache to cache, but to follow through with the theme.

So whether you’re a fan of night caching or not, this coin provides a great reason to get out and do a little night caching… it even glows in the dark.

Take a look at the coin at:


It’s only $11 CAD (nearly equal to the U.S. Dollar) so it’s the perfect low-priced gift.

Happy Caching and Happy Holidays!!

  1. Stinger503

    I actually got this for Christmas! Haven’t sent it out soon but hopefully it will go to Antarctica

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