The MadCacher – Under new management!


It’s true folks, The Mad Cacher is under new management. Two GeoCaching Nuts, who have been fans of this site for awhile, wanted to create a place on the web to share their GeoCaching experiences and provide helpful hints to others. As they brainstormed how to go about this, a lightbulb went off, why not purchase ownership rights to and begin our efforts with a strong following of dedicated readers? After some careful thought, an offer was made to the owner and a peaceful handoff was made. So who are these GeoCaching Nuts and what does this mean for the site?

The Mad Cacher will now be operated by two crazy Mainer’s, Kurt Milligan and EJ Martin. We grew up together in Rumford, Maine and started GeoCaching around the same time. Our families introduced us to the hobby and we were instantly hooked. Today, we have found Cache’s in several different states, launched a series of travel bugs, and most recently have begun talks with a GeoCoin provider in the Netherlands in hopes of being able to supply the coins here in the States at a more reasonable price. We have a lot of “Big Ideas” and wanted a forum to launch those ideas. The Mad Cacher was a perfect fit. We’ve since moved away from Maine, with Kurt living in Virginia and Ej in New York, but have not lost our shared appreciation for the hobby introduced to us years ago.

You may be thinking, “Well good for you guys! But what does that do for me?” To that, we say “Everything.” Our mission is to

New Management

provide consistent, quality information about GeoCaching and promote community interaction and involvement. We envision this site to be a resource for fellow Cacher’s and a friendly environment to share stories and ideas. will not be a site centered around advertisements and affiliate products, however there will be some in hopes of offsetting some of the costs in running the website. We will not shove products at you, but we will offer items from time to time that we have found useful or we come across a deal that is too good to pass up.

Share with us your ideas.

What will the future of MadCacher look like? Here is where we could use YOUR help. We fully intend to revamp the website, but before we hire a developer we think it prudent to see what you, the reader, would like. What do you think would make the website unique? What types of topics would you like discussed? The sky is the limit so be creative!

Because we are so anxious to put our own stamp on the site we ask that you provide your suggestions within the next two weeks. Suggestions for the website can be emailed to We hope to hear from you!

– Two GeoCaching Nuts –

  1. Yazhi75

    Awesome! I have no suggestions at the moment being I am new to the world of geocaching. I just stumbled on this website while googling for blogs about the activity. Definitely will be bookmarking and looking forward to what this site has to offer.

  2. Mike Barlow
    Mike Barlow09-16-2011

    Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

  3. MadCacher

    Thanks! I am currently working on the site design and hope to get this site fully functional by the end of October. We are developing our sister site at the same time so there are some logistical items to work out. We have some great things planned for these sites like product giveaways and geocoins. Thanks for commenting and stay tuned!

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